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Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment In Aliso Viejo, CA

Tongue and lip tie can cause several complications for your newborn, including difficulty feeding and malnutrition. Dental Esthetics and Wellness in Aliso Viejo offers tongue and lip tie laser surgery to address these complications and improve your child’s health. Call our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kathy Soleimani to find out if laser surgery is right for your baby.

Laser Surgery for Tongue and Lip Tie in Orange County

When a child is unable to feed as a result of a poor seal or difficulty latching to the nipple, many time it can mean your child suffers from tongue and lip tie. If left unattended, this can lead to several complications. In addition to malnutrition and immediate detriments, tongue and lip tie cases can lead to developmental problems involving speech, swallowing, and breathing.

The scientific term for tongue and lip tie is ankyloglossia, which is categorized as a birth defect that causes mobility constriction of the lingual (tongue) or labial (lip). While some cases may be able to adjust their lifestyle to tongue tie, whereby compensating for position, those who cannot, or those who would like to receive a more comforting feeding experience, can receive a short procedure to correct this abnormality.

Symptoms of tongue and lip tie include:

  • Difficulty Latching, Clicking Sounds, or Dribbling While Feeding
  • Falling Asleep at the Breast
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Digestive Issues
  • Heart-shaped Tongue

Treatment of Ankyloglossia for Children

Dr. Soleimani uses laser surgical tools to gently remove layer by layer of frenulum in the location of the area until reaching the precise level of comfort for you and your child. The procedure is very quick, but we do a thorough examination to ensure we provide accurate services.

In order to gather the correct information, during a physical examination of your child, parents may be asked to engage in the feeding process to exam all aspects specific to your case. Since not all cases are the same, our thorough examination ensures customized treatment that fits specifically to you and your child’s needs.

Using a laser ensures scarring and downtime is practically nonexistent, essentially reducing the surgical footprint. Patients and parents appreciate the precision and ability to maintain consistent treatment with laser surgery.

Schedule an Appointment for Tongue and Lip Tie Surgery

Our practice is dedicated to providing comforting care and supplying patients with the services they need to remain healthy and happy. Call or email Dental Esthetics and Wellness in Aliso Viejo, and discover a treatment to address your child’s health needs. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kathy Soleimani today!

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